IOWA OPEN 6.0 NOVEMBER 8-10, 2024

Excited to announce The Iowa Open 6.0
Join us starting Friday at 10 for Trips 200 Cap $1000 Added is HCP
Then at 6pm Our Blind Draw Tournament $500 Added Not HCP
Saturday We will start at 9am with BYO Doubles with capped brackets of 105, 115, 125 and Open $25 Added per team per bracket. Not HCP unless we need to combine caps
Then new this year starting at 2pm The Riverside Hi/Lo. This will be a round robin tournament with POD play.  It’s a BYOP and then draw another BYOP team. The entries will be split into Hi/Lo teams and then a Hi team will draw a Lo team to form a 4-man team. Not HCP
Based on the number of entries will determine the POD size. All teams will advance to either a champion bracket or a survival bracket
Saturday at 8 PM will be Hosting a “Chairman of the Board Qualifier” (Players must sign up through them)
Sunday our first Points Classic. It is open to the top 128 points players. An A/B Draw Tournament for the Top 128 Point Earners. Earn One Point for Every Game Played in Our Remote Tournaments. The Top 128 Point Earners Are Invited. Not HCP
Qualifying dates:  January 1, 2024, through October 6, 2024.
Two Separate Payouts 1) Payout based on Bonus Pool 2) Payout based on Tournament
Registration will Open September 1st 
Stats used
Iowa Darts 6 Month rolling average. If no Iowa darts stats then player must provide stats and are subject to Iowa Darts 7 Point Rule
$40 Per player entry for each event. Includes Admin & Greens Fees. Payouts will have fees deducted from payout bracket