Iowa Darts Rules

IOWA DARTS Remote Tournaments utilize the remote play features of the Arachnid G3 tournament mode, Tournament King, for each tournament match.

Contacting tournament director: Facebook Messenger IOWA DARTS.  Normal Business hours are 2-10pm cst

All signups close one hour before start times. Or as posted on social media events page. Must have 6 for tournament to run.

ALL entries MUST be submitted online to and paid using the submit button for PayPal or you may use Cash App ($iowadarts) or Venmo (@iowadarts) If someone is paying for you must notify us by Facebook Messenger

Entry Fees: $26 for Singles, $52 for Doubles events. Bounty option $11 Singles $22 Doubles. Some events may be different. Admin fees of $6.00 per player but may change depending on the type of tournament.  Starting January 9th an additional $1 per player will be deducted from the payout to be used for the Points Classic Bonus Pool

Arrive Early: We advise you to know your location. Make sure the board is working correctly, connected to the internet, has remote play and Tournament King.

Refunds: Once the bracket is published no refunds will be given.  Players are expected to arrive early to inspect equipment, make sure board has TK Brackets available, correct software and you play at least one casual remote game to ensure connectivity to the internet is constant and trouble–free and your cameras work and are clear.

New Players: For any player that does not have an Iowa Darts Player rating must submit stats to us by FACEBOOK Messenger. No later than 1 hour before start time. (IOWA DARTS) They Must be typed out to us. Screen Shots that are allowed are TOC & NADO. No league Leader stats sent by screen shot allowed. Due to the difficulty of reading. We use computers to set up tournaments not mobile devices.  Pictures do not come through the same. If a players has none listed then you still need to submit stats to us of what you want to go in as

7 Point Rule:  At the conclusion of the tournament calculations are done for individual stats on all new players that place in the money. If you place in the money, you will not receive winnings for the tournament payout. Nor will teams below them advance in placements. The placing is final.  That payout will be added to next week’s tournament (or when its tournament scheduled again) to the bounty pot. If a player without an Iowa Darts established average on your team shoots 7 points over the supplied player rating. No matter if the team is under the cap or not. This rule is not determined until the calculations are done at the end of the tournament. It is then when the calculations are done. Player rating is figured MPR x 10 + PPD= Player rating (3.09 mpr 31 ppd is a 61.9 player rating)

No Nicknames: Must use first and last name. We are aware of the Bullshooter app allowing only one change per 30days.  Starting October 10th, 2023, we will enforce this rule 100% no ifs ands or buts!

An Iowa Darts rating is 12 games for 6 months. We use a Players Rating formula.

Formats: Are race to 3 winners and 2 losers. 701, Cricket, Cricket, 701, Choice. in all singles and doubles tournaments unless stated otherwise. Trips tournaments are usually in a longer format. Race to 5 winners 3 losers.  Tie Breaker games, follow on screen directions some may require game choice of the games you are playing or go first

Handicapping: Iowa Darts will use a (6) Six month rolling average that will include all Iowa Darts Tournaments. Reverse HCP in all O1 games. Cork will not be included in Iowa Darts averages nor will any double in or double out games.

Team Cap: Tournament Cap, if applicable will be listed on the website Tournaments with Handicap. A reverse Handicap will be used in all 01 games. If the team cap is 199 PR you are over cap when you reach 200 PR.  (a 199.99 is still considered 199 cap) There are no per player cap limits if you fit you can play.

During the Tournament

Players’ contact list will be found on the live brackets page of our website.

It is the player’s responsibility to either be in the cork or contact your opponent via the phone number on the live brackets page of the website under “Contact” list within 10 minutes after the match is available.  If your opponent is not logged in and you have contacted from the contact list found on the website under the bracket, then you contact us via Facebook Messenger. At the 15-minute mark, (time posted on bracket) if your opponent has not logged in or responded they will be forfeited.

Board sharing: Is NOT Recommend, if you do it and if your match comes up and your opponent is logged in you are on the forfeit clock which is 15 min. We know when the match is available and when you are logged in.

If you have not contacted your opponent and do not respond to the tournament director, you will be forfeited!

Camera problems. When setting up the match you see your opponent’s cameras clearly, if not then this is the time to address it. Once you push the start button you agree that the cameras are working. We have no control over this. The board will not allow you to play in a tournament if the camera is not physically working. Arachnid tells us If you cannot see your opponent, IT IS YOUR LOCATION WITH THE PROBLEM not your opponents. Unplug your board, wait 30 seconds, plug it in and try again. If you feel your opponent is cheating, send us an email to and a $20 PayPal

Match On Hold: Means the match cannot be played. We will contact you if the problem is with you. Most likely an issue with the tournament. We apologize during this time if we don’t answer messages, we think it’s best to put a HOLD on matches and fix the problem instead of answering several questions.

Fouls: We do not call line or foot fouls.  We are not responsible for measuring the lines at the locations players play on.  We do not use camera footage to review it or where a foot throws from or lands.

Fuzzy Cameras: Again, this needs to be addressed before you push the start button. Once you push the start button you agree to play the match as is. If your camera is fuzzy/dirty contact your operator to have it cleaned, you cannot play on a board with a dirty camera

Internet Problems: Things happen beyond our control. If you have connectivity issues with your boards and are unable to correct them before the tournament starts, you can be removed from the tournament up to 30 minutes before tournament start time with a refund. After 30 minutes before the tournament start time, no refunds will be given. If you have completed a match in the tournament and the internet goes down at your location and cannot reconnect in the next 15 min you will be forfeited from the tournament with no refund.

Forfeit Guidelines: Brackets are ready 15 minutes before start time. You must be logged in by start time at 10 minutes after start time if you are not logged in and playing you will receive RECALL 5 minutes after that you are eligible to be forfeited. We advise all players to have notifications on for the Bullshooter Live App. The app sends you a notification when your match is ready!

Misregistered Darts: We are using the NDA Rule”

“The Dart Board Is Always Right” rule applies for NDA remote tournaments:
A dart thrown that sticks but does not score or appear on the darts thrown count on the
monitor is scored as the board reads.

We are not responsible for the boards you choose to play on.

Disputes: If you have a complaint or issue with your opponent and you want us to review the match, there will be a $20 fee. We will need the match, the game, and the round you want reviewed. If the ruling goes in your favor the $20 is, then refunded. Please continue the tournament. Due to time, we need you to keep playing and it will be sorted out the next day. Please do not hold up the tournament, we will review it.

Zero tolerance: It is the player’s responsibility should they win a game pulling out your darts to be honest.

Cheaters: Are not allowed if we catch it we will let the dart community know who you are with video evidence. And will be reported to your operator. Cheaters will be barred for life from all of our events.

If the “cheater” won money in the tournament the Cheater will not be paid, and the funds will go into the following weeks tournament as bounty money

Payouts: Iowa Darts will be paying 20% of the field to tournament winners paid by PayPal ONLY within 12 hours of the completion of the tournament. Payouts will not be split. Payouts are done by a third party so if someone is paying for you other than yourself it must be noted in the payment if not it may hold up your payout as we don’t try to figure out who paid for the one earning a payout. If you are missing a payout, contact us by using the contact us form on the website.

Splitting: Iowa Darts will only payout the payouts that are posted on the bracket to the first and second place teams, respectively. If the teams decide on a different split, that is to be worked out between them and not the responsibility of Iowa Darts. Iowa Darts will only payout the payouts that are posted on the bracket.

Official Review:

In the event you may want a match reviewed. Follow these steps. DO NOT STOP THE GAME. Continue till the end of the game and do the following contact IOWA DARTS tournament staff. If you have a complaint or issue with your opponent and you want us to review the match, there will be a $20 fee. We will need the match, the game and the round you want reviewed. If the ruling goes in your favor the $20 is then refunded.

Social Media Policy:

For all of Iowa Darts events

A friendly reminder: This group page was established to help players when needed and to share information. Post questions, news, updates, or photos relating to participating in IOWA DARTS Dart events. Visit Our Facebook Page Do not misuse this page. Refrain from posting rude comments, complaints, or otherwise derogatory information. Those deemed to have misused the page will be deleted from the group and or further penalized depending upon circumstances. If you have legitimate problems let us know so we can help. By email or phone call. When you do, be courteous and use professional and courteous language. This also includes IOWA DARTS Leagues & Tournaments which includes inappropriate comments towards IOWA DARTS as a company and its staff anywhere on social media. Failure to follow these rules can result of suspension of leagues and tournaments or being banned.

Bounty Challenge Rules

The BOUNTY CHALLENGE (optional) – For all regular singles and doubles events we will have the BOUNTY CHALLENGE. You must enter the bounty at the time of your signup. There are no refunds for the bounty. All teams will be placed in a random drawing to determine the Bounty for that night’s event. When the bounty reaches $400 it becomes two bounties of $200. Each bounty is split between the teams that knock them out of the winner’s side and loser’s side. When it reaches $800 it becomes four bounties and so on and so forth. The player/team chosen for the bounty will be posted on the bracket when they are eliminated. The drawing will be recorded and be triple time stamped for verification. The video will be available for viewing by request for 24hrs. If you knock the bounty person/team selected out of the winner’s side, you/your team will receive half of THE BOUNTY’S pot for that tournament (if you selected to join the BOUNTY CHALLENGE). If you knock the bounty person/team selected out of the loser’s side, you/your team will receive the other half of THE BOUNTY’S pot for that tournament (if you selected to join the BOUNTY CHALLENGE). If you or your team is selected as the bounty, and you win the tournament you will receive THE BOUNTY’s pot for that event (if you selected to join the Bounty Challenge). These bounties will be drawn from the total number of teams.  A team can be drawn twice.  A team can win both bounties if they knock out both teams. If drawn as the bounty, (if entered in the bounty) that team can win the other bounty by knocking the other team out of the tournament and can win their bounty if they win the tournament as well. Bar Wars Bounty team is drawn at the start of round robin play if the drawn team doen’t make it into the bracket it rolls over. $12 Singles $22 Doubles Triples $33 Bar Wars $44. We will have a carryover for each tournament where 25% of the bounty will be used. Any starting bounties ($50 Singles $100 Doubles $33 Trips $44 Bar Wars) by Iowa Darts need 6 players minimum to get the added portion that we have contributed.

Points Classic: Riverside Casino & Golf Resort

Top 128 Players will be invited to participate in the Points Classic tournament to be played at Iowa Darts Open 6.0 At Riverside Casino & Resort on November 9th at 4 pm

The Tournament will be a Blind A/B Draw HCP (based on player ratings November 5th)

Tournament estimate Total Payout $10,000 based on full field

Bonus Pool estimate Total Payout $8,000 based on full field

Points are earned by playing in Iowa Darts Tournaments

Earn a point for every game played in an tournament.

Bracket Challenge players are allowed 6 “challenge Tournaments” per year

Calculated by Rank that is based on point standings where every player is rewarded, Determined at Tournament

Bonus Pool Payouts will not be paid until at least 1 hour after tournament completion

Points earned dates are January 1,2024 thru October 6th

Invited Players will be notified October 10th and must sign up and pay by October 20th. No refunds will be issued if the player doesn’t participate in the Points Classic Tournament

Players earn 5 points awarded to every event the player plays in during The Iowa Open

During the bracket points will be rewarded based on bracket position (10-55 points)

Registration Check-in closes 30 minutes (SHARP) before each event starts

Points Classic Entry: $50 per player ($35 Entry + $10 Line Fee + $5 Administration Fee)

All Payouts Are Based on Full Fields

Points will be updated weekly on Sundays.

revised 2/8/24