Remote Tournament Sign-Up

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Iowa Darts Remote Tournament Rules

  • IOWA DARTS Remote Tournaments utilize the remote play features of the Arachnid G3 for each tournament match.
  • ALL entries MUST be submitted online and paid by sending PayPal to Admin fees apply depending on the type of tournament. Any other fees will be subtracted out of the payouts.
  • All signups close 30 min before start times. Or 32 Teams/ or players for all 7pm start times.
  • Tournament will be handicapped Spot marks/ Points Using Iowa Darts average or known ability unless stated otherwise
  • Team Cap: Tournament Cap if applicable will be listed on the website Tournaments with Handicap. A reverse Handicap will be used in all 01 games
  • Each game type, I.E. Cricket, 701, etc., may be set up as a separate league match on the machine’s “remote league menu.”
  • Remote tournament matches consist of combinations of game types during a tournament. All 01 games are Open in/Open out
  • Players are expected to arrive early and to play at least one casual remote game to ensure connectivity to the internet is constant and trouble–free.
  • If you cannot see who you are playing meaning a blank screen. Then don’t play! Stop the match and contact the tournament operator.

Handicapping: Iowa Darts will use a (3) Three month rolling average that will include all Iowa Darts Leagues and Tournaments. The Cork will not be included in Iowa Darts averages nor will any double in or double out games.

Internet Problems: Things happen beyond our control. If you have completed a match in the tournament and internet goes down at your location and cannot reconnect in the next 15 min you will be forfeited from the tournament with no refund. If you have not started a match and the board cannot connect then you will be forfeited with a refund. If you can move to a new collection quickly you can still play but the Tournament needs to be notified as soon as possible when these issues occur.

Tournament message to appear on the boards at the start of a match.

By pushing the start button, you read and agree to the rules of the IOWA DARTS Remote Tournaments. You also understand that your team will be taken out of the bracket at any time you do not follow the rules including unsportsmanlike behavior. Any dispute in the rules judgment will be determined by tournament director. Good luck & have fun!


  1. Updating machines/data transfer: Transferring data between dart machines and the IOWA DARTS office requires tripling the 20 segment six (5) to seven (7) times while the machine is in non-remote league setup screen. Players must manually load tournament data prior to forfeit time to begin the first match and then following each tournament match to send the data to the IOWA DARTS staff. The
    machine will indicate “data transfer” after tripling the 20s as described. Transferring data takes a few moments to update the servers for the next match to be posted to the live tournament.
  2. When to cork: Corking is done before each match to determine Home team, which Home team then throws first.
  3. Who corks first when corking: The team on the top of any match as seen on the bracket corks first. Who goes first in corking remotely has no material influence on the corking outcome or the eventual game outcome because there are no darts in the board, each player throws, as in a traditional cork. This method is used merely to keep things moving.
  4. How to cork: The cork is a one round game of 501 open in/open out with a “split” 25/50 bull as found on the league selection menu. Both players from each team will throw one round. The team that is the closest to going out is the Home Team. In case of a tie, both teams re cork. If tie again then the Home team goes first in the match

Format for Double Elimination Events (Race to two, unless posted otherwise)

**Cork to determine Home Team for the first game of each match and tiebreaker games. Home Team starts the first game of the first round. Loser of game one starts game two, tie breakers cork again to determine who is Home Team to start the final match.

The tournament flyer will include any special formats

Note: Cricket games are set to cut off at 25 rounds. 701 games are stacked score open in/open out with a full (50 point) bull. Cork is one round 501 with double (25 red/50 black) bull.

Zero tolerance: It is the player’s responsibility should they win a game pulling out your darts to be honest.

Pay Outs: Iowa Darts will be paying tournament winners by PayPal within 3 hours of the completion of the tournament.

Social Media Policy:

A friendly reminder: This group page was established to help players when needed and to share information. Post questions, news, updates, or photos relating to participating in IOWA DARTS Dart events. Visit for Dart Leagues and Tournaments. Do not misuse this page. Refrain from posting rude comments, complaints or otherwise derogatory information. Those deemed to have misused the page will be deleted from the group and or further penalized depending upon circumstances. If you have legitimate problems let us know so we can help. By email or phone call. When you do, be courteous and use professional and courteous language.

This also includes IOWA DARTS Leagues & Tournaments which includes inappropriate comments towards IOWA DARTS as a company and its staff on social media. Failure to follow these implications can result of suspension of leagues and tournaments or being banned.

Game Viewer. With this option enabled in the league, the board will record the matches and provide you with a video to review. This will help you better handle arguments, catch cheaters, and catch other league problems as they happen.

Official Review: In the event you may want a match reviewed. Follow these steps. DO NOT STOP THE GAME. Continue till the end of the game and do the following contact IOWA DARTS tournament staff. Note Who you played, Game number and round number. Then contact Iowa Darts.

Bounty Challenge Rules

The BOUNTY CHALLENGE (optional) – For all regular 7:00 PM start time events we will have the BOUNTY CHALLENGE. All teams will be placed in A random drawing to determine the Bounty for that nights event. The drawing will take place within 15 minutes after start of the tournament. It will be held live in messenger chat. If you knock The bounty person or team selected out of the event (beat them in the losers side) You or your team will receive THE BOUNTY’S pot for that tournament (if you selected to join the BOUNTY CHALLENGE). This pot will be 100% of the money collected from teams that get in the BOUNTY CHALLENGE for that night (minus admin fee of $2.00 per screen entry). If you or your team is selected as the bounty and you win the tournament you will receive THE BOUNTY’s pot for that event (if you selected to join the Bounty Challenge). $12 Singles $22 Doubles