Nexus Online Tournaments

Nexus Sign Up

Nexus Sign Up

  • Players Real Name
  • Nexus Login Name
  • Text enabled phone number for Groupme Text Messages
  • $0.00

Nexus Rules

These rules will continue to evolve as needed.

When signing up you must fill out the form completely with accurate information. The email and phone number will be used to contact each player with information about the tournament and brackets.

The format for each tournament will be announced online and sent to the group chat.

The bracket will be online at A link will be sent to the group chat as well as posted on Facebook.

The board is always right.  If a dart does not register or it registers incorrectly the board is correct.  You may not tap in a dart that did not register. Be considerate to your opponent. Do not do anything on the camera to deliberately distract your opponent.

These tournaments are sponsored by Darts & More.

Payouts are based on number of players.

6 players winner takes all

7-11 players 1st 70% 2nd 30%

12 or more players 1st 50% 2nd 30% 3rd 20%

$4 of each entry are administration fees.