Points Tournament

Rules & Eligibility

The Full Bull

Remote Tournament

July 8th 1pm

Two Brackets:  Open & 122 Cap

122 Cap Any one player max player rating is 72

Race to 5 winners 3 losers and is HCP 701 cricket cricket 701 cricket cricket 701 cricket 701

Open to the top 64 points earners for each bracket $2,000 added over both brackets.

$62 Doubles Entry

Bounty Option offered.

Curb Kid Rule announced day of tournament.

Earn Points March 1st to July 1st. Entries due July 3rd!

1 point sign up before 2 pm

1 point for participating (Need 6 teams to run)

1 point for top 3 finishers

If you are the top point earner you get a $100 Bonus. Must play in tournament.

If you are the top point earner and win the tournament $100 bonus

Top 5-point earners who ever finishes highest $50.

This is a doubles event, but points are earned individually.

If you sign up early in any doubles tournament you earn a point even if it doesn’t run (must have 6 to run a tournament)

The fine print:

Added money based on a full bracket if both brackets are filled then max added will be $2,000. $1,000 per bracket

Must have a minimum of 32 points to qualify

In the event of a points tie for final bottom entries we will use the last letter of their last name for whichever is closest to the letter A

Rules subject to change