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A safe, simple concept, the Chuck A Luck has four dartboard targets positioned to rotate counter clockwise like a windmill, just fast enough to make it challenging for even the best dart players. Players can throw at any target as they attempt to get the highest score possible during each turn of three darts. The total score is reset when the dart heads start spinning or can be reset through a remote switch. The score is displayed on the easily viewable LED scoreboard. Missed darts don’t help a player’s score much, but they are readily retrievable at the base of the unit due to the resilient backdrop. Dart head rotation starts when the operator spins the heads counter-clockwise. Rotation stops when the operator holds the heads motionless for two seconds. Nighttime play is aided by fully adjustable lights. Chuck A Luck has proven to be a moneymaker at Arachnid’s BullShooter World Championship over the last ten+ years.


  • Soft tip safety darts
  • Electronic scoring
  • Durable backdrop
  • 4 rotating dart heads
  • Rotation safety release
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Handheld reset switch
  • LED display
  • Fully adjustable lights


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