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Iowa Darts Capped

Iowa Darts Capped

You are not allowed to play in this tournament and the Friday Doubles at the same time.

Each player is required to have the BullshooterLive App..

In the Bullshooterlive app you will find your Player Code. This will be needed in the signup form 

ALL entries MUST be submitted online and paid by sending PayPal to Admin fees apply depending on the type of tournament. Any other fees will be subtracted out of the payouts.

Must be able to provide ID and pictures if/when asked.

Tournament NOT available to any boards owned by ECS Inc ,Play-Mor Coin-Op & Games RR Biz. If any tournament match is played on them you will forfeit out of bracket and forfeit any winnings you may have earned . We reserve the right to hold up any payments to verify location

All signups close 1 hour before start times. Or 32 Teams/players for all 7pm start times.

When the bracket is live, each team will go to Tournament mode on an Arachnid G3. They will then go to Tournament King Mini. Each team will log in with their player codes or scan the QR code with the Bullshooter app. 


Non Registering Darts: If a dart does not register or registers incorrectly, the board is always correct. You may not back up a dart or correct a mis-registered dart.

Zero tolerance: It is the player’s responsibility should they win a game pulling out your darts to be honest.

Internet Problems: Things happen beyond our control. If you have completed a match in the tournament and the internet goes down at your location and cannot reconnect in the next 15 min you will be forfeited from the tournament with no refund. If you have not started a match and the board cannot connect then you will be forfeited with a refund. If you can move to a new collection quickly you can still play but the Tournament needs to be notified as soon as possible when these issues occur.


Pay Outs: Iowa Darts will be paying tournament winners by PayPal within 24 hours of the completion of the tournament.

Social Media Policy:

A friendly reminder: The group page was established to help players when needed and to share information. Post questions, news, updates, or photos relating to participating in IOWA DARTS Dart events. Visit for Dart Leagues and Tournaments. Do not misuse this page. Refrain from posting rude comments, complaints or otherwise derogatory information. Those deemed to have misused the page will be deleted from the group and or further penalized depending upon circumstances. If you have legitimate problems let us know so we can help. By email or phone call. When you do, be courteous and use professional and courteous language.

This also includes IOWA DARTS Leagues & Tournaments which includes inappropriate comments towards IOWA DARTS as a company and its staff on social media. Failure to follow these implications can result of suspension of leagues and tournaments or being banned.